"Deror", which originated in Hebrew means freedom. True freedom is found in unconditional love, where one can be fully embraced and loved into being one's true, authentic self.

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About Deror 

Deror which is origin in Hebrew, meaning freedom. True freedom is found in unconditional love, where one can be fully embraced and loved to be true, authentic self. 

Deror, a jewellery brand that speaks revelation from the Lord. 

Each piece holds a story that inspires the beloved to live out their own story. 

Founder Story 

Founder Ami Tsoi, born and raised in Hong Kong, been working in finance sector for years. Never imagined that one day she would discover another side of herself through handcrafting.

Ami has always loved handcraft since her young age. Inherited the craftsmanship spirit and aesthetic from her mother who used to work in garment industry during golden age of manufacturing in Hong Kong, Ami grew up surrounded by all the fabrics and sewing pieces and enjoyed watching her mother creating beautiful fashion pieces. 

Ami was a former professional accountant and banker, graduated with a bachelor degree in accountancy. In 2018, she left her career in finance industry to start her self-discovery journey in New Zealand for 3 months. In the amazing journey, her creativity was awaken through pursuing her heart and dream by making handcraft jewellery. 

In the time of COVID in 2020, Ami took a bold step to start her entrepreneurial journey of "Deror Jewellery" to pursue her dream even many told her not too. 

Making jewellery gives Ami a lot of joy and life. She finds her design inspirations in nature, in her quiet time with the Bible in the morning, in conversations with others and people's stories, which make the jewellery pieces not just a chic accessories, but with beautiful meaning to bless those worn the pieces.